Silent Arrow - Desert Cofee
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  Workshops Hospitality
The open-atmosphere in the desert gives space
for creative and productive inspiration for
a large variety of workshops, retreats
and any kind of spiritual growth.
Workshops' producers are welcome with love!
(Contact us for more details.)
  Archery Workshops
The Silent Arrow specializes in archery practices in the open desert.
This practice helps improve skills such as watching, centering, self-tuning
and other aspects of the time-space-silence experience.
The workshop takes place in a 50 Acre field (one of a kind in the world).

The Archery imbue the participant with a variety of new talents:
awareness breathing, mental tranquility, emotional stability, concentration,
choosing targets and goals, orientation, steadiness and more.
Click here for background and more information about Archery.

The workshops are time-adjustable on demand (2 hours to days).
Silent Arrow - 'Desert Lodge'. Dror: +972-(0)52-6611561, [email protected]